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  • Ride on toy car

Ride on toy car MINI PACEMAN

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Ride on toy car MINI PACEMAN,Licensed by BMW,Model name MINI PACEMAN.


*  One button starting

*  Forward and backward funtion

*  Sound control

*  Front and back LED light both working

*  With music in the streeling wheel

*  LED  light on the dash board

*  Realistic Openable Doors

*  Power indictor

*  With back  suspension

*  with Seat belt



Product information

Battery:6V 7AH*1 or 6V 7A*2

Motors: 35W*1 or 35w*2

Product size:112*69*56CM

Packing size:113*64*44CM

Gross weight:21.5kgs

Net weight:17.5kgs


Maintaining Tips

It is parents’ responsibility to check main parts of the toy before using, Must regularly examine for potential hazard, such as the battery, charge,cable or cord, plug, screws are fastening enclosure of other parts and that in the event of such damage, the toy must not be used until that damage had been properly removed.

  • Make sure the plastic parts of the vehicle are not cracked or broken.
  • Occasionally use a lightweight oil to lubricate moving parts such as wheels.
  • Park the vehicle indoors or cover it with a tarp to protect it from wet weather.
  • Keep the vehicle away from sources of heat, such as stoves and heaters.Plastic parts may melt.
  • Recharge the battery after each use. Only an adult can handle the battery. Recharge the battery at least once a month when the vehicle Raider is not being used.
  • Do not wash the vehicle with a hose. Do not wash the vehicle with soap and water. Do not drive the vehicle in rainy or snowy weather. Water will damage the motor, electric system and battery.
  • Clean the vehicle with a soft, dry cloth. To restore shine to plastic parts, use a non-wax furniture polish. Do not use car wax. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Do not drive the vehicle in loose dirt, sand or fine gravel which could damage the moving parts, motors or the electric system.
  • When not using, all the electrical source should be turn of